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Hello and Welcome. Meet the Energy Girls!®
We're on a Mission. . .

My friend, are you trying to do it all?
Almost every woman we encounter needs increased energy. The demands on women have never been greater. So, if you sometimes feel you are simply surviving instead of really living you are not alone.

Would you like to have more energy and joy? Would you like to have less stress? You know better than anyone, life is changing in ways most of us never imagined.

Women are taking on additional responsibilities, facing new challenges, and still striving to do their best every day.

Our mission is simple, "to Inspire and Encourage Women to Restore the Energy, Joy, and Balance in Their Lives."

We want to give you more energy, inspire and motivate you, and teach you skills you can use immediately. Join the Energy Girls ® Network!

We will give you the skills and the energy you need as a woman to achieve your goals.

Wishing you joy and never-ending energy,

Meet Ruth -

Ruth Gordon Howard is an expert at improving the lives of men and women at the workplace. She's an author and creator of the 5-Step program, Energy for Working Women: Never Be Tired Again!® A program designed to help women restore the energy, joy and balance to their lives. Having been a TV and Radio Health Commentator and featured on the PBS series Taking Shape, Ruth is also a two time Health Promotion National Award-Winner. She has been published in the American Business Journals, Life Balance, and is quoted in such magazines as The Wall Street Journal's, Smart Money.

Ruth is certified by the Institute for Aerobics Research, the American College of Sports Medicine and is a registered nurse with a masters degree in health promotion and wellness. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association and past Director on the Board of the Carolinas Speakers Association. Ruth was also selected as one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World--the most popular weekly women's magazine in the country.

Audiences love her energy, humor, and relevant message, all delivered with enthusiasm and practical skill, so women can "Restore the Energy, Joy, and Balance to Their Lives."





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Lianne Hofer's enthusasm to help women live better lives is endless. Her special area of expertise is helping women "De-Clutter" their lives. And yes, that means the piles in closets, drawers, and everywhere in between that is robbing women of peace, and energy. Known, as "The Clutter Consultant," she has the natural ability to assess the challenge a woman is facing and then, using her expertise, discernment and fun personality, she helps women bring the order back into their lives. Lianne is sensitive, yet assertive in helping woman make the right decisions about the items they really need, and the items they really need to let go. As an Energy Girl leader, she coordinates events and enthusastically builds the Professional Energy Girls Network with a caring compassion that changes the lives of every woman she touches.


Dana Mather and Ruth began their work together over 12 years ago. Together, they directed a medically based Health and Wellness center that received thousands of visits monthly. On a daily basis, Dana, taught, encouraged and inspired women to apply principles that helped them have more energy every day--learning first-hand, what worked and what didn’t. As Dana continued her education to complete her master’s degree, she also directed a non-profit for women, “Mom’s House,” an organization that offers hope-filled solutions to single parents with challenges, by assisting them to find a network of supportive services and enables them to complete their education.

Dana is a gifted teacher, speaker, certified health and fitness professional, competetive athlete, and a woman with a heart to encourage other women to be their best. She just finished video production on a new DVD that is now being used in children's education internationally. When she’s not helping other women, she’s dedicated to her first and most important role, being a wife to Bruce Mather M.D., a family physician, and Mom to three darling little boys, all under 6 years of age. 

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